National Junior Honor Society Inductions

To be inducted, our standards for membership were that students end the previous school year with a 97 average and MAINTAIN a 97 average in ALL of their classes during the 1st quarter. They also have to complete an application for membership showing examples of service and leadership. Our current members led the induction ceremony. Our current members are: Emilee Burleson, Luke Cain, Cindy Chen, KJ Cooper, Noah Crisco, Jasmine Glenn, River Hash, Drake Mauldin, Kong Moua, Trinity Moua, Georgia Mullis, Mary Ridenhour, Payne Roach, Colby Smith, Josie Talbert, Caroline Vanhoy, and Abigail Wahl. Our new inductees are: Lexie Burleson, Chloe Castello, Emma Cody, Braelyn Couick, Gracie Crump, Amanda Dijosa, Reese Dombrowski, Savannah Faircloth, Kennedy Laney, Nailie Lor, Hayden Lowder, Taylor Mabry, Ameno Morgan, Eden Moua, Mackenzie Myers, Makayla Noll, Mikayla Selendar, Jacob Smith, Jayna Thompson, Jesse Thompson, Neveah Thompson, Brobyn Trent, Grace Wang and Tess Whitley.