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Throughout the school year, I will be adding notes, vocabulary lists, PowerPoint presentations, test reviews, lab information, and other science related material that will help your child be successful in science. Please let me know if you find a link that doesn't work. -- Thank you!
Test 8 Review - Matter & Energy

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Warm Ups:
Warm Ups (10/29/12--5/20/13)

Classroom Notes & Labs:

Earth Systems, Structures and Processes: (Standard 6.E)

Earth's Structure - Notes 
Earth's Structure Worksheet
Observation Lab
Structure of the Earth (Interactive Website)
Compositional and Mechanical Layers of the Earth (KhanAcademy Video)
Inside Earth (Minilesson)
Minerals - Notes
(Minerals - Notes)
Properties of Minerals Worksheet
Properties of Minerals terminology
Identify an Unknown Mineral 
Mineral Identification - Tim & Moby
Minerals Lab
They're Your Main Minerals (Interactive Website) 
Density of Minerals (Simulation)
Density of Minerals Lab (Use this file with the link above.)
Mineral Physical Properties and Identification
Mineral Identification Lab (Use this file with the link above.)
Shapes to Help Identify Minerals
The Virtual Minerals Box
Classifying Minerals (Video Clip)
Mineral Resources - Notes
Classifying Rocks - Notes
Rock Lab
Rocks - Notes
Rocks Crossword 
Rock Cycle Worksheet 
Rocks & Minerals (Testbook Section)
Animated Files (Shockwave and Flash plug-ins are needed):
Rock Cycle #1 - Tim & Moby
Rock Cycle #2 - Three Major Groups
Rock Cycle #3 - Rock Cycle Drag and Drop
Rock Cycle #4 - How Rocks are Formed
Rock Cycle #5 - Diagram
Rock Cycle #6 - Animation 
Rock Cycle - Test Your Knowledge 
Rock Cycle - Active Art & Self-Test
Plate Tectonics - Notes
The Theory of Plate Tectonics Worksheet
Plate Tectonics Lab
Plates & Boundaries (Interactive Website)
Plates & Boundaries Challenge (Interactive Website) 
Slip, Slide, & Collide (Interactive Website)
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker (Interactive Website)
Plate Tectonics (Practice Quiz)
Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics - Notes
Volcanoes - (Website)
Volcano Explorer - (Website) 
Volcano Project Rubric
Volcano Project Examples
Volcano Research Project
Instructions for Building a Volcano:
Build a Baking Soda Volcano
How to Make a Volcano 
How to Make a Posterboard Volcano
How to Make a Volcano Project
How to Make a Volcano (Easy and Mess Free)
Videos (Requires VLC player - PC - Mac):
Papa Tom Builds an Erupting Volcano Diorama
How to Make a Volcano: Easy and Mess Free
How to Make a Volcano
Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics Worksheet
Earthquakes - Notes
Seismic Waves (KhanAcademy Video)
Earthquakes and Seismic Waves Worksheet
Earthquake Waves
Examine P and S waves
Forces That Shape Earth's Surface - Notes 
Sea Floor Spreading (Practice Quiz)
How Soil Forms - Notes
How Soil Forms Worksheet
How Soil Forms in Layers (Interactive Website)
Why Soil Forms in Layers (Interactive Website)
Identifying Layers of Soil (Interactive Website)
Stages of Soil Formation (Interactive Website)
Test Your Soil IQ 
Soil Properties Lab
Soil Conservation - Notes 

10 Ways to Conserve Soil

Science Fair Project:

Earth in Space - Notes
Earth in Space (Worksheet #1)
Earth in Space (Worksheet #2)
Earth's Orbit (Minilesson)
Solar System Scope 
Reasons for the Seasons Lab
Reasons for the Seasons key
Video for Lab
Reason for the Season 
Seasons Interactive 1
Seasons Interactive 2
Seasons Interactive 3
Earth in Motion: Seasons
Observe Seasonal Changes
Seasons and Ecliptic Simulator 
Moon Phases - Notes
Phases of the Moon 
Interactive Moon Phase Calendar
Interactive Lunar Phases
Phases of the Moon Lab 
Lunar Phase
Lunar Phase Simulator
Lunar Cycle Challenge
Moon Phases Virtual Lab
Phases of the Moon
Sun Moon Scope 
Moon Phases
Solar System Model 
Phases of the Moon (Worksheet)
The Phases of the Moon
Eclipses and Tides - Notes
Eclipses and Tides Worksheet 
Tides & Gravity Labs
Eclipse Calculator
Eclipse Calculator for Android
Tides Animation
Earth, Moon, and Sun Jeopardy
The Solar System - Notes
Observing the Solar System
Solar System - Summary and History
The Sun - Notes
The Sun Worksheet
Solar System & Sun Worksheet 2
Weight on Other Planets

Dimensions of the Solar System
Planet Travel Brochure Project
Brochure Project Rubric
Example: Earth Travel Brochure
Links for researching your planet: 
The National Space Science Data Center
Our Solar System
Planets - Zoom Astronomy
Solar System Live
National Geographic - Solar System
Space Information
Solar System Exploration
The Terrestrial Planets
Welcome to the Planets
Your Weight on Other Worlds
Solar Views 
Space Day
The Planets - Notes
Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors - Notes
Jeopardy Solar System
Exploring Space - Notes
Space Technology - Notes
NASA's Space Program - Touches Everyday Life
Spin-Offs From The Space Program
Rockets & Space Shuttles - Notes
Extra Credit: 
6.E.1 - Space Extra Credit #1
6.E.1 - Space Extra Credit #2
6.E.1 - Space Extra Credit #3
Parent Newsletter
Rocket Building Project Rubric
Space Exploration Research Project Rubric

How to Build a Rocket
How to Launch a Rocket
Instructions for Building Model Rockets
Scratch-Built Model Rocket
Making Paper Rockets
Model Rockets

Compressed Air Rocket (Instructions)
100-Yard Paper Rocket Launcher (Instructions)
Rocket Template

How to Videos: (VLC Media Player)
Make your own Compressed Air Rocket
Make an Air Rocket
How to make Air Rockets
How to make a Paper Rocket
Making a Compressed Air Rocket

Hi-Flier Flying Model Rocket Kit
Swift Flying Model Rocket Kit
Bandito Flying Model Rocket Kit
US Army Patriot M-104 Model Rocket Kit
Alien Chaser Model Rocket Kit
Guardian Model Rocket Kit
Model Rocket Engine
Model Rocket Igniters
Recovery Wadding
Model Rocket Components
Model Rocket Pre-Flight Preperation
Model Rocket Safety

Matter: Properties and Change (Standard 6.P)

Why Does Matter Matter? 
Classification of Matter - Notes
Waves - (Textbook Section)
Waves - (Tim & Moby)
Waves - (Virtual Lab)
Color - (Tim & Moby)